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After you’ve chosen which artist(s) you’d like to work with, we will follow that with an estimate of the cost and licensing. Each project gets a detailed breakdown of timing schedules, budget estimates and availability. We manage the full project process from feedback and client sign-off to the final delivery of project content. 

Have the comfort of working with a highly professional agency and world class illustrators on your project.

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Veronica Malatesta
United Kingdom

Veronica Malatesta is an Italian freelance illustrator and cartoonist. She graduated with a BA in Graphic at Academy of Fine Arts and MA in Illustration at ISIA (Higher Institute for Artistica Trade) in Urbino, Italy. Her main inspirations come from living nature, observing people and travelling through new places. Mixing all these elements she builds her imaginary world drawing flowers, plants, animals and mostly female characters. She loves mixing techniques using brushes, ink, watercolour, gouaches and digital painting. Her work includes illustrations for publishers, magazines, fashion events, creative artworks for studios and self-publishing. Veronica also loves reading, listening endless amount of music and roller skating.

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