They say a picture says more than a thousand words, and we think...


Artwork: Kuba Ferenc / Yuri Hyun

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How We Do It?

With our new collection feature, you can save a selection of illustrations in one place and benefit from an organised collection overview.

With this feature, it's easier than ever to curate a collection of your favourite illustrations and make them accessible from a private area of your profile.

You can also download your collection as a PDF, share it on social media or as a link. All the illustrations you save are visible in a private section of your profile, allowing you to access them quickly without having to search through all of our illustrators.

Additionally, with the option to rename collections, add or remove illustrations and even delete collections entirely, organisation is made even easier to save time when managing your collections.

Whether you're looking for an easy way to manage images or seeking a unique way to share content with customers, our Collections feature has something for everyone! Get creative with it and get organised - try it today!

Try out this collection feature now and experience how convenient it is for creating and grouping your favourite visuals!