Laila Arede

Laila is a 22-year-old freelance illustrator and designer, being represented by the company Inky Agency Illustration. Bachelor of Media Studies at Fluminense Federal University (UFF) — based in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She's also a creative columnist on brazilian website Design Culture and volunteer copywriter on K4US — brazilian portal of opinion and entertainment about South Korean pop culture. She has experience with social media and graphic design for +3 years, and work professionally with illustration +1 year. Unlike the most artists, Laila only started drawing with 19 years old in 2015. Since she started drawing, she experimented a lot of styles in the beginning like manga, modern cartoon, realism, and more. But now in the year of 2018, her art has matured and is progressively evolving. Laila is absolutely in love by the creative, imagery and cybernetic universe. She gets a lot of inspiration by media products from East Asia — especially Japanese and South Korean music videos, TV Shows and movies. She's a huge fan of performing arts and pop culture in general.

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