Federica Tumminello

Federica Tumminello is an italian illustrator and graphic designer. She studied Fine Arts and Graphic at Accademia di Belle Arti of Palermo. She is the illustrator behind Cose illustrate and she works on her own designs and on commission . Her job is influenced by the passion for photography, food and animals. She loves to work with traditional and digital media to create illustrations characterized by simplicity, that involves every aspect of her production: from the characters to the palette, the most important parameter is to be clear and immediately understandable. Federica believes that illustration have to be empathic: it has to create a link with interlocutor. Illustration has to offer to spectator both food to thought and a little escape from everyday life. Every illustration she makes comes out from studies and considerations that be aimed to create something new and easy to understand, but so simple that it is hard to not notice it or forget it. Her aim is to combine her audience with experiences that can create a connection each other. Her illustrations are connected by a thin line of irony and humourism, that are very important in all her productions. In her career she collaborated with Italian and international publishing houses, working also as graphic designer. She loves to spend her free time with her pets, and occasionally she works as pet sitter. Federica lives and works in Turin, Italy.

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