Alistair Williams

Alistair Williams is an architect turned illustrator, with over 10 years of practice in the architectural field, he brings his drawing skills and attention to detail from the profession into his art and illustration, using digital techniques like vector drawing and animation. Alistair’s work as an illustrator was shortlisted by the Association of Illustrators: World Illustration Awards 2018 that saw his work on display at Somerset House in London. Prior to this, his work won a competition for British Airways’ Highlife magazine for the 2012 Olympics that saw his work on the magazine cover. For his academic architecture work, his drawings have been shortlisted for the RIBA President Medals, Jaques Rougerie Foundation and DIA’s Lars Larup and Robert Oxman prizes. He has produced work for numerous clients ranging from independent bands to commercial architecture practices. Alistair’s abilities allow him to answer a brief with his own visual storytelling where he has illustrated buildings, imagined surreal interstellar worlds or commented on current political events. He also does the architect stuff from time to time.

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