Bart Willard

Bart is an all around creative guy with over 20 years of experience in the arts. In 2012 he started up his art, design, and animation studios, Artistic Alchemy. His fantastic art & design has been seen in motion pictures, video games, live entertainment, print & web. Inspired by such artists as Syd Mead, Gerald Brom, & Frank Frazetta, his love for genre’s from noir to sci-fi and fantasy, his eye for color and keen sense of lighting, as well as his subtle edge for the dramatic give his art & design it’s signature look. Bart graduated from Huntington University in 1994 with a BA in Graphic Design. While there, he devoted much of his training to the discipline of Illustration. His coursework included a strong foundation in the fine arts studying various mediums within printmaking, painting, and sculpture. His applied arts studies included traditional and digital forms of graphic design, illustration and photography as well as independent studies in sequential art, concept art and commercial illustration. During his years as a professional artist and designer, he has expanded his training to include 3D modeling, animation, motion graphics, and VFX. Bart’s clients and projects include in-game illustration for Zynga’s “Mafia Wars” and “Wizards of the Wild” by Crosscut Games, Production design, set fabrication, as well as 3D modeling and animation for Kingdom Pictures, and logo work & 3D animation for the award winning Herbert Brothers (USA Today’s Best Super Bowl Commercial - 2009) & FSC Productions.

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