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Laura Escobar
El Salvador

My name is Laura Escobar, also known as Laurie. I'm a salvadoran illustrator passionate about stories, inspired by sci-fi and fueled with music. I started as a graphic designer a couple of years ago, and ever since my love for illustrations grew up to the point that it became my main career path. Most of my learning has been self taught; the spark of curiosity always present and pushing me to study about specific topics like color, light, composition, realism, render styles and many more, but also taking independent workshops in anatomy, matte painting and concept art. I've been working as international freelancer for several years, experience that helped me to reinforce my "Quality over quantity" personal motto. This type of vision matched with proactiveness and the constant desire to learn is what makes me certain that high goals is not madness, it all starts by showing genuine commitment even on the smallest tasks.